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[3] Fullmetal Alchemist
[3] Ichigo 100%
[4] FLCL
[1] Rent (text)
[4] Teen Titans
[2] Love Hina

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BTW #12's kimono seems to be tied the wrong way (right over left instead of left over right) unless that's intentional since only dead people wear kimono that way.
Well it's Teen Titans...not really Japanese so I don't think the artists really took that musch notice of it.
very nice! and i love ur one song glory text icon!
^^ Thank you.
So yeah, They're really nice. I will be taking #10. You rock.
:D Thanks.
I'm going to be taking one of those FLCL icons sometime soon since I'm too lazy to make my own. :D
Yay! Lazyness!
I like. Very much.
:D Thank you.
Very, very nice. But I really like mine too.
If that was intended to be a compliment >_>
It was! You've got some really awesome icons! FLCL and Ichigo 100% are like my two favorite manga/animes.
It just so happens I like my mine alot too.
ooo very cool.... i like it
Yoinking 7 ... 'cause Haruko is the shit. ~.^
Most deffinatly.