Emily (__lost_x3) wrote in rugburn_grafix,

Screen name: __lost_x3
Real name: Emo
Show: Invader Zim
Season: 1
Episodes #s: 37
Avatars: Alot o.O;;
For ultimateiconage


Parent Teacher Night:
Walk of Doom:
Dark Harvest:
Attack of the Saucer Morons:
The Wettening:
Career Day:
Battle Dib:
Room with a Moose:
Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain:
Bad Bad Rubber Piggy:
Planet Jackers:
Rise of the Zit Boy:
Plague of Babies:
Bloaty's Pizza Hog:
Bolognius Maximus:
Game Slave 2:
Mysterious Mysteries:
Future Dib:
FBI Warning of Doom:
Battle of the Planets:
The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot:
Tak: The Hideous New Girl:
Gir Goes Crazy and Stuff:

*pantpant* Took me forever.

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Hahaha, I love these. I think these are much better than your regular ones--no offence intended-- but I cant see the 4th and 5th icons :/

Also, it's not a huge deal, but *cough*point*cough*subject line*cough* <<;; ;;>>

PS: Harry Potter likes chocolate XD
NVM about the ones I cant see. They were just taking forever to show up n_n;;;
Loser xD
But I posted this is my icon journal...
._. I don't feel the need for a subject line.
Well I kinda thought you had posted it here. Hence, the linkage to the page.

But w/e, just remember if you do post you icons in UI, to put a subject line.
And... here as in on UI.
But------- I guess that would explain for the "for ultimateiconage
._. You're confusing.
... eh... nvm then
:D Thankies.
these make me happy inside.

i think i want some.
That's good to hear.

OK, go for it xD
I'm diggin' the Planet Jackers icon - grabbing it and I will credit. :)
took the first
haha. taking the "abducted" one.
these are awesome!! =P
Taking the Parent Teacher Night one and the Planet Jackers one ♥
snagging the parent teacher night one. Will credit.
Took the Planet Jackers one. :)
OH SORRY , Im too late, but, great icons!!!. i love zim. so cute-
Hey I took the one and only Gaz! Thanks and I will credit!
I love the one of Postulio. Do you mind if I put text on it?